Welcome note

Sample ImageBoredom and excess energy add up not only to destructive behaviors and health problems - they’re just not fun. These are our best friends, after all. And they give us so much joy, let’s return the favor in a way that’ll help them behave better now and live longer, healthier lives.

If you don’t have the time, energy, or endurance to challenge your dog with a run, let us! We’re avid runners and life-long dog lovers who enjoy the thrill of the road with canine friends.

And don’t worry. Even if the longest trek your pooch regularly takes is from the couch to the kibble-stocked pantry, we’ll get him up to speed gradually and safely.

About Us

Sample ImageI credit my own ‘Spot’ for inspiring We Run Spot. Until I adopted Zizou, running was something I had to do so I could compete on the soccer field, not an end unto itself. But all that changed when I brought home my 10 month-old, 75 lb Newfoundland mix. He had no manners - may never have been in a house before. He ate my furniture, cried pitifully when I left, and destroyed two bedskirts - what they did to him I’ll never know. So we started to run together - every morning, no matter what. He loved it! I loved it! And better yet - he was too tired to attack my bed linens. I’m not saying there wasn’t some obedience training involved along the way, but he became a different dog in a very short time.

We haven’t looked back. He’s run countless 5- and 10-Ks, a couple 8-mile Turkey Trots, and all of my half-marathon training (sadly, they don’t let dogs run the race). So far his record is 14 miles - and yes, you read it right - a Newf mix can run 14 miles and love every step. The vet just laughs when we go in and tell him about our latest races - saying Zizou could so easily tip the scales at over 100 lbs if I let him. At a svelte 89, though, he’s nothing but muscle (and a lot of hair!).

So, I pondered: if my dog loves to run and it does him so much good, wouldn’t other dogs want the same benefits? And other owners?

We Run Spot was born.

Sample ImageAll of our Spot-Runners are serious athletes who also happen to love dogs. The combination gives all of our ‘Spots’ the challenge they need to improve their fitness...and another best friend to share the road.

-Karen Savage

Owner and Head Spot-Runner